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Mens Wallets

Ostrich skin is particularly durable which is why it is excellent for the production of durable wallets and purses. We’ve known customers who have had the same ostrich skin wallet for over 15 years!

All the small mens wallets and the Id wallets come with or without a tab.

The removal of the ostrich feathers from the ostrich skin during processing and tanning reveals attractive and unique natural quill marks (stipples), known as the crown which provide a beautiful and instantly recognisable texture. Every item is handmade, and available in a range of different colours To select the colour you would like you can choose from the colour charts provided with each product. Please note that colours may differ slightly from dye batch to dye batch, and are also subject to demand and availability. Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss your colour options so that we can aid you in ordering an ostrich skin product that most closely fits the colour you desire.

Please note. Surface shipping may take up to 3 months