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Nyala Skins

The Nyala male and female look considerably different and when selecting the Nyala skin you would like to purchase this would definitely need to be taken into consideration.

Nyala Rams are charcoal-grey to slate-brown with a shaggy coat and white vertical stripes and spots on its flanks. They have a ridge of long hair along the underside of their bodies, from below the chin to between the hind legs as well as a mane of thick, black hair that runs along the length of their spines. Nyala ewes are much smaller and do not have horns. They are chestnut-coated with more prominent white stripes on their flanks. Their pelt is also less shaggy and does not feature the ridge and mane of hair associated with male Nyala.

To discuss the type of Nyala skin you would like to purchase, or to look at our available stock, you are most welcome to contact the team at Kottlers via the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Please note. Surface shipping may take up to 3 months