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Ostrich Fashion Accessories

At Kottlers we carry a beautiful range of fashion accessories made from genuine Ostrich Skin leather.

South Africa is the largest producer of Ostrich skin products in the world and all our ostrich merchandise is designed and manufactured locally. Ostrich skin leather is not only extremely strong but incredibly sophisticated because of it’s texture. Ostrich leather is instantly recognizable by this texture which is created when the skin is processed into Leather. The removal of the plumes from the ostrich skin reveals an attractive and unique natural quill mark known as the crown.

Our collection of exquisite hand crafted ostrich fashion accessories consists of a wide range of handbags, ladies purses and gentleman’s wallets. To view each collection you can click on any of the images below to access specific collections.

ostrich skin Handbags


Ostrich Skin Ladies Purses

Ladies Purses

Ostrich Skin Mens Wallets

Mens Wallets

Ostrich Skin takes dye beautifully, revealing a rich and luxurious finish. All of our Ostrich Skin products can be dyed according to the handy colour chart we have included with each product. While all colours can be dyed, the skins are not processed en mass so there will always be slight colour variations between batches. This also means that colours are often subject to availability. It is advisable to consult with one of our team members before deciding on a specific colour.

Please note. Surface shipping may take up to 3 months