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Gold Jewellery

Unique to South Africa is our range of Buffalo Horn and Gold jewellery. Each piece is fashioned from the natural horn of the African Buffalo. Unlike elephant hair, which has a world-wide embargo, buffalo horn does not and is actually stronger than elephant hair. It is almost identical in appearance and has a lovely sheen.

The master jeweller who specially designs our jewellery for us uses a special technique that only he is privy to to strip and manipulate the Buffalo horn, ensuring that no design or piece can be mass produced. All of our gold jewellery features either 9 or 14 carat gold, making it not only beautiful and unique, but very valuable. Each design is simple, striking and intrinsically South African and has been lovingly and meticulously hand crafted to give the owner the sense of owning and wearing a truly African treasure.

We carry a range of gold Chokers, gold earrings and gold bracelets for you to choose from. You can view the full ranges by simply clicking on the images below

Buffalo Horn Gold Jewellery Bangles

Gold Jewellery Bangles

Buffalo Horn Gold Jewellery Chokers and Necklaces

Gold Jewellery Chokers

Buffalo Horn Gold Jewellery Earrings

Gold Jewellery Earrings

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