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We carry a stunning collection of both silver and gold jewellery ranges for you to choose from. Using either 9 carat, 14 carat or solid silver, each piece has been specially designed and meticulously created for us by a South African master jeweller. We ensure that nothing we stock is mass-produced guaranteeing you a uniquely beautiful and exceptionally well crafted piece of jewellery, perfect as a gift or for spoiling yourself.

In addition to the Gold and Silver used to produce our jewellery ranges, many of our pieces have Buffalo horn incorporated into their design. With an international embargo on Elephant hair, Buffalo Horn makes an ideal substitute and is just as beautiful and valuable. Very similar in appearance to elephant hair, Buffalo Horn has a gorgeous sheen to it’s finish and is in fact infinitely stronger than Elephant hair.

You can view the full collection of either Gold or Silver Jewellery by clicking on the images below.

Gold and Buffalo Horn Jewellery

Gold Jewellery

Silver and Buffalo Horn Jewellery

Silver Jewellery

The jewellery we have chosen to offer here on our Kottlers site is, like every other product we supply, of only the very best quality.

All our Gold and Silver Buffalo Horn jewellery is created by a master jeweller who the only person in the world that can strip buffalo horn in such a manner, which creates a completely unique and authentic memory of Africa!

Please note. Surface shipping may take up to 3 months