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Zebra Skins

At Kottlers we specialise in locating and supplying trophy grade Zebra skins and zebra skin products to our clients.

Every Zebra Skin we offer is hand selected by our CEO, Ralph Rosen, from the best African Tanneries to ensure that their quality is second to none. Our Zebra skins have the wide stripes, glossy coats and incredible softness that reflect a true trophy quality pelt and have all been expertly and cleanly tanned.

We offer a small but incredibly special range of Zebra Skin products that includes our beautiful trophy grade zebra skins along with a lovely range of zebra skin cushions that are hand made using genuine zebra skin in a number of designs and patterns.

You can click on one of the images below to view either our Zebra Skins or the Zebra Skin cushions we have to offer.

Zebra Skins

Zebra Skins

Zebra Skin Cushions

Zebra Cushions

Our Trophy Grade Burchell Zebra Skins are 100% approved by the Conservation of the International Trust of Endangered Species (CITES). At Kottlers we have been legally exporting African Rugs for over a century and are known throughout the world for our integrity and excellent service. All our Zebra skins come with a certificate of authenticity and are legally culled, ensuring that a portion of the money from each skin goes back into the economy to help reduce poverty.

Please note. Surface shipping may take up to 3 months