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Ostrich Egg Products

Apart from Ostrich Leather, Ostrich eggs are also typical to Southern Africa. One ostrich egg is the equivalent to approximately 24 chicken eggs! When full, Ostrich eggs can withstand the full weight of an adult, but even when empty, Ostrich eggs are more resilient than chickens eggs and come in a beautiful naturally glossy white.

Our Ostrich eggs are carefully selected from the Karoo, cleaned, polished and hand carved by incredibly skilful artists. We make a range of beautiful ostrich egg products for our clients to choose from. These include our carved ostrich eggs as well as ostrich egg lamps (when available) and stands. To view the individual Ostrich Egg products we have to offer, simply click on any of the images below.

PLEASE NOTE: Before ordering any of our CARVED OSTRICH EGG products – please check with us regarding availability via email first. Thank you.

Ostrich Egg Products Carved

Carved Ostrich Eggs

Ostrich Egg products Stands

Ostrich Egg Stands

Ostrich Egg Products Lamps

Ostrich Egg Lamps

Ostrich eggs can be carved or made into decoupage eggs. Our eggs are hand carved in a range of exquisite African themes as well as beautiful abstract designs.

Please note. Surface shipping may take up to 3 months