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Bronze Statues

When it comes to African home decor, one of the most beautiful and striking items you could choose to decorate your home with is a bronze statue. We at Kottlers have hand selected an exquisite collection of African themed bronze statues for you to choose from and take home as a memento of your dream holiday to Africa.

Each item in our catalog of products has been lovingly and carefully designed by well known African artists to most accurately represent the indigenous culture that they are modelled after. The bronze statues are cold cast, using a clay base that is then dipped into bronze after which they are delicately rendered and finished by hand.

To view any of the collections we carry, you can simply click on the images below.

Bronze Statues Bronze Figurines

Bronze Figurines

Bronze Statues Masaai Figures

Maasai Figures

You can select from our beautiful collection of small bronze figurines, many of which have been purchased by avid art collectors and celebrities alike. Each one is an outstanding masterpiece and comes with the background story of each particular character.

We also carry an attractive range of Maasai figurines that are not only precisely sculpted but are very beautiful to look at.

Please note. Surface shipping may take up to 3 months